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In-store cake tasting appointments are suspended indefinitely. You can pick up a tasting box to enjoy at home and then follow up with our wedding coordinators to design your dream cake. 
Cake Tasting Boxes are $15.
Click on the "Book Now" link for your selected store at the bottom of this page to order yours today!

Getting Married? Congratulations!

Butter + Cream specializes in beautiful custom wedding cakes.

We recommend that you order your cake tasting box 3-6 months before your wedding. 

All wedding cakes include a complimentary one year anniversary cake.

Dessert Packages

Many weddings or larger events include smaller desserts for guest tables or a dessert bar. Our different packages are a great way to provide a variety of treats for your guests so that everyone can enjoy something sweet. *We do not set up the tables, the desserts are either picked up or delivered to the venue in boxes.

Dessert Package #1

-One 8" cutting cake

-3 flavors of cupcakes

$4.95 per guest


Dessert Package #2

-One 8" cutting cake

-2 flavors of cupcakes

-2 flavors of cookies

$4.95 per guest


Dessert Package #3

-A single layer cookie cake

-4 flavors of cookies

$4.95per guest

Image by Wendy Rueter

This package includes:

One 8" cutting cake 

A dessert bar with an assortment of up to 4 types of desserts.


$7.95 per guest

Dessert Package #4




Mini Eclairs

Mini Fruit Tarts

Mini Creampuffs

Mini Brownies

Mini Lemon Tarts


Wedding Cake Tastings

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