Butter + Cream Bakery in Laguna Niguel

It is well known that people love going to the bakery. From the tasty treats to the sweet aromas of baked goods, the bakery is a great place to be. Enjoy the smell of fresh-baked goods by paying a visit to Butter+Cream Bakery in Laguna Niguel. Here you can soak up the pleasing aromas and see what the bakery offers. The custom cakes and cookies please all who taste them, and the smell coming from these baked goods is unbelievable. 

Custom Goods

The typical bakery creates a wide range of goods suitable for different occasions. However, finding the perfect item becomes a challenge at times. Consumers frequently end up selecting something that doesn’t meet their needs but comes close. Butter+Cream Bakery solves this problem by offering custom cakes and cookies created to the customer’s specifications. The custom bakery makes whatever the customer needs to ensure the event theme continues through to the baked goods shared with guests. There’s no need to deviate from the theme when offering guests refreshments if using our services. 

Why Custom Treats?

Custom treats represent the person or organization being celebrated at the event. The unveiling of the custom cookies or cake makes the moment special and shows the event organizers appreciate those being celebrated and want their day to be unique. The treats add personality to the occasion and make it one of a kind. Furthermore, bakers offering custom cakes and cookies want their work to shine. They put time and effort into making the perfect edible for the occasion, as they love what they do. You can’t get this from a store-bought treat that is mass produced. Our bakers enjoy every moment of creating the perfect treat and it shows in the finished product. 

Made to Order

What many clients don’t realize when they enter our custom bakery is the exterior of the treats isn’t the only thing that is different. We allow them to choose the size and flavor combination as well as the design. Why settle for a plain chocolate cake or one that combines chocolate and white cake in one treat? Consider branching out and offering a lemon cake filled with vanilla Bavarian cream and lemon jam or a banana cake filled with peanut butter mousse. Consider the preferences of the person being celebrated and share with us what they like. We’ll happily make suggestions regarding flavor combinations they will love. Our team enjoys creating a cake the recipient will love and want to enjoy again, and we do the same with all treats we offer. 

Expand the Offerings with Custom Cookies

Some people prefer cookies rather than a cake for their event. Others choose to offer both cake and cookies to ensure the needs of all guests are met. Butter+Cream Bakery in Laguna Niguel provides both in one convenient location. Offer homestyle cookies, some with unique flavors like apple pie or boysenberry, or select logo cookies to advertise your company while feeding guests. Don’t overlook decorated shortbread cookies either, as guests enjoy these offerings too. The ideas are endless when you add cookies to your menu offerings. Think outside of the box, as we do everything possible to turn your vision into reality. We love being challenged by our clients to create something one of a kind that has never been done before. 


A wedding celebrates the joining of two lives, and the cake needs to represent the melding of these personalities. The wrong cake throws off the entire feel of the event, which is why men and women turn to Butter+Cream Bakery when they choose their wedding cake. We offer a range of cake options and provide tasting sessions so couples can try different combinations until they find the one they love. Our goal is to not only meet the couple’s expectations but exceed them. 

However, couples often want other treats to share with the guests. We assist our clients with this task as well because they have enough on their plate with planning the wedding. They don’t want to interact with multiple vendors. We strive to make it easy for the couple to find everything they need in one location rather than visiting multiple places. We’ll even deliver the goods on the day of the event, so the client can focus on other details that may need their attention. 

Order Online

If time is limited, make use of our online ordering system to ease your burden. Doing so takes little time and enables customers to get what they want and need at a price they love. Enter all details of the order into the form and we take it from there. If help is needed when placing this order, we are never more than a phone call away. Ask for assistance. We want clients to be satisfied with the order when it is complete. 

Special Treats

There may come a time when a person needs special treats but wants something different. Butter+Cream Bakery in Laguna Niguel can help. Our DIY cookie kits allow customers to pick up the makings for custom cookies and create them at home with family or at an event with friends and loved one. Kids and adults alike enjoy this activity and showing off their creations. They often ask when they can take part in an activity such as this again. It’s one option that should never be overlooked. 

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. We want our customers to be satisfied no matter the size of the order and go out of our way to ensure their happiness. We’ll do the same for you. Our attention to detail and prompt service have customers returning, as they know they will only get the best. Visit our custom bakery today or call us to discuss what you are looking for. We are more than happy to work with you.