Butter + Cream Bakery in Huntington Beach


Going to the bakery is something people of all ages and from all demographics enjoy and look forward to. However, what is it that makes the bakery so appealing? Is it the smell, the amazing treats that are available, or the friendly people?

At Butter + Cream Bakery, it is all three! From custom cakes and custom cookies to aromas that are amazing, there is no question that coming to the bakery is something people will always enjoy. The question is, what makes this bakery stand out from the others? Learn more about what makes this bakery amazing and why choosing the right one matters.

Custom Treats – Made to Order

There is no question that when someone walks into a bakery, they can order an array of treats that are pre-made and behind glass. However, what if something special and unique is needed? With the services of this custom bakery, it is possible to get anything that is wanted.

From cookies and cakes to other treats, there are numerous options to consider. The custom treats that can be ordered make it possible to enjoy any look and taste that a person wants and needs.

What is even better about custom treats is to get something made for a special event, party, or anything else. Butter + Cream Bakery can turn someone’s dream cookie or cake into a reality, which makes the treat even sweeter and more enjoyable.


Wedding Sweets and Solutions

When it comes to weddings, there is no question that the cake matters. Without the right wedding cake, the entire event may not be “right.” A quality bakery is going to offer an array of cake options and even provide potential customers with tasting sessions. This helps ensure that the perfect cake is found and that it meets and exceeds the couple’s expectations.

Remember, though, a quality bakery will not stop with cakes. That is why at Butter + Cream Bakery, we will go above and beyond to ensure all the sweets and treats needed for the wedding are created. A couple can make this their one-stop-shop when it comes to the sweets that they need. Delivery is even possible to ensure the sweets get to the selected wedding venue safely and in one piece. 


Party and Event Catering

Everyone loves going to a party. One of the most exciting parts is the delicious and amazing food they get to try. However, while meats and savory dishes are always present, the sweets are what really make the event exciting.

Butter + Cream Bakery will be able to work with the event planner to help ensure the desired food is made and presented at the event. 


A Huge Selection of Sweets and Treats

When it comes to sweets and treats, having a huge selection of items is key. As a high-quality bakery, Butter + Cream Bakery is not limited to just one option—we offer an array of food treats that meet the needs of the event, party, or wedding. It is a good idea to take a look at the online menu. Take some time to peruse the different options to ensure they meet the needs and expectations. This is going to be the best way to ensure the desired results are achieved.


Ordering Made Easy

To make shopping easier, patrons have the choice of placing their order online. This is a fast, easy process that ensures the person ordering gets just what they want and need for a price they can afford. Do not underestimate the benefits offered by ordering online. This allows a person to put all the details about what they need and ensure that the bakery takes care of those needs. Even better, there is always a phone number the client can call if help is needed with the ordering process or to ensure everything is correct.


The Customer Service

When it comes to ordering sweets and treats at the bakery, customer service is a top priority. Take some time to work with and talk to the staff and see that they truly care about their customer’s satisfaction. Getting the right sweets and treats created will take keen attention to detail and that type of service can be found here. We believe that the customer deserves only the best and we will do whatever it takes to ensure their satisfaction. 


Visit Butter + Cream Bakery Today

At Butter + Cream Bakery, we will make sure the customer leaves satisfied with their order. From cookies to custom cakes, anyone can find what they are looking for here. Call today at 714-842-1130 or pay us a visit in person. We’ll be more than happy to take care of you.